What are the advantages to owning a franchise?

You Get the Best of Both Worlds

As a franchise owner you are able to work independently and also have the support and brand recognition of the franchising company. The franchising company helps facilitate rapid expansion, lower capital expenditures, lower on-going expenses, and marketing advantages.

A Higher Rate of Success

A recent study conducted by The United States Chamber of Commerce found that 86% of franchises that opened in the last 5 years still existed under the same ownership and 97% were still open for business. Another recent U.S. Small Business Administration study found that 62% of non-franchise owned businesses were closed within the first six years.

We’ve hit upon a winning formula for success. Qualified entrepreneurs who are passionate about delivering great customer service combined with our near turnkey automotive quality assurance service systems, trained and supported by our highly respected and experienced team are likely to succeed.  

In big and small markets around the globe, we teach each franchisee the automotive quality assurance business, how to price for profit and create your own niche alongside any other possible competitors.  We are partners with our franchise owners and we provide direct support through our full time team of professionals that can assist with issues and opportunities on a long term and continuous basis. 

What markets are available for ACCI franchising?

Any market within a 50 mile radius of a major OEM Automaker or 25 mile radius of a major Tier I automotive Supplier is prime territory for an ACCI Franchise Location.

Can I add an ACCI Franchise to my existing automobile related business?

Absolutely! Adding an ACCI franchise to your existing automotive business is a great way to bring greater convenience to your customer, create more traffic at your business, and gain additional revenue. The greatest part is that you will avoid all the risk of sending your customers to an outside party.

What kind of field support is available?

New franchisees are assigned an Area Development Manager (ADM) to ensure a quick and efficient launch. Our goal is for all new locations to be on a fast track to profitability. Our opening processes and the individual attention from our ADM’s helps to eliminate the guesswork for our newest franchise owners. Following the facility opening, our ADM’s remain in constant contact with their franchises, providing advice, support and training.

What if I have no experience in the automotive quality assurance industry?

No Problem! Our five-day initial training program will cover all the information you will need to start a successful automotive quality assurance Franchise. Also our knowledgeable ADM’s will be readily available to answer any questions you may have and are there to assist you in making your business profitable.

Does ACCI offer a training program?

ACCI has a comprehensive five-day initial training seminar that covers all the information you need to open a successful ACCI Franchise. In addition, we also provide opportunities for you to continually expand your knowledge with resources such as regional and national franchisee meetings.

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